the restoration of god’s sons

men. fearfully and wonderfully made. yes, you. every one of you.

some of you have never heard father god’s voice clearly speaking, ‘i love you.’ you struggle to hear beyond the layers of trauma, wounds, abuse you suffered. you’ve been emasculated, wrongly labeled, wrongly judged, weighed down with burdens you were never meant to carry.

his face is hard to see after so many other wrong faces were put over the top of his. you try to see him smiling at you, to see his hand extended to you, to hear him say, ‘take my hand.’

he’s still here. the invitation remains, the door is still wide open. he beckons you his hand, a winning smile and eyes full of love.

‘come on over here. i see you. i hear you. i’ve always been here for you and i am here for you now. turn around to face me. look into my eyes and see my love for you.

i will be your father, your mother, your brother, your friend, the one you can always rely on. i want you to see who you have always been to me, your great worth and value.

from this time forward, i will restore your glory, honor and sonship. walk with me, know you are one with me.’

men, i bless you with restoration of god’s glory, honor and sonship.